Commercial Lighting

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The Perfect Way to Make Your Business Shine

With our commercial lighting system, we can highlight any storefront or large commercial building including retail, office, city buildings, medical offices, restaurants, and more.  For commercial buildings, our snap-in and drip channels utilize larger LED diodes that are twice as bright as our residential line which helps attract customers from a much farther distance.  With millions of colors and pattern options, Trimlight can complement your business’ branding or set the perfect tone for special events.

On average, businesses with a Trimlight lighting system see a 15-25% increase in revenue.

Other Benefits of Trimlight Commercial Systems:

  • Through our proprietary mobile app, business owners can customize the colors, patterns, speed, and brightness of the system all with the touch of a button on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Trimlight also highlights the architectural features of your building and provides an added level of security at night.
  • Our top-quality LED RGB lights are energy-efficient and weatherproof, will match the trim of your roofline, and are easy to replace if one ever goes out.