Residential Lighting

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Best-in-Class Residential Lighting Made for Life’s Moments

Trimlight has provided permanent, patented LED lighting systems on homes since 2011, giving users millions of color-changing options and patterns to celebrate any special occasion or event.  Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, sporting event or just want beautiful, ambient lighting year-round, Trimlight truly makes life brighter!

Our proprietary mobile app provides user-friendly functionality giving customers the ability to easily program lighting colors and patterns that are completely customizable to meet any need, any season, any day. It also comes standard with 180 preset patterns for simple operation with a built-in timer. And the best part is, you’ll never have to hang holiday lights again!

But Trimlight is far more than holiday lighting.  Our scheduling feature not only allows you to program colors and patterns for special occasions, it also provides year-round security lighting and provides the perfect solution for patio, pool, deck and even, boat deck lighting. 

Hardly Noticeable by Day, Alive by Night!

Trimlight’s patented, color-matched channel system discreetly hides the wires from view, making it hardly noticeable by day and bright and alive by night! And since it’s virtually invisible by day, your HOA will approve.  

Weather-Proof & Energy Efficient, Too

We offer the best warranty of any exterior home lighting system- a 50,000-hour lifespan.  Trimlight is also weather-proof and extremely energy efficient.  We use the highest-grade water-resistant LED’s on the market that uses just .6 watts of energy per bulb. 

Trimlight has truly revolutionized the exterior home lighting industry!  Request your quote today.