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Lifetime Guarantee on All Parts

All parts are guaranteed for the manufacturers estimated lifespan of the parts. This amount of time is dependent upon the usage that the individual part sustains.  If used just around the holidays, this amount could be upwards of 30-40 years. But if used nightly, this amount of time could be around 7-8 years.  Lifespan of the controls can be affected by future technology changes.

(Ridge Channel Lights and Lights faced out or vertical have a limited 1-year warranty)

2-Year Labor Warranty

Any labor costs to make repairs on manufacturer defective parts are covered in full for the first 2 years. This may include faulty bulbs, power supply parts, LED controllers, connections, aluminum channel finish, etc.

Limited Warranty Items

Although the control board that connects to the smartphone or tablet is fully covered under the lifetime parts warranty, the software that connects the unit to the device is not covered.  Connection issues due to Wi-Fi interference or radio frequency interference is not covered under the warranty.  Connecting the Trimlight Controller to the local network is great but may not be the best for your specific situation. Using the Trimlight signal that can be broadcast from the box is the most reliable.  All troubleshooting steps should be taken first before contacting a local representative for a repair.  A minimum service fee of $75 could be charged if the parts are shown to work properly on any repair visit.