Video Tutorials

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#1 - Connecting to the Trimlight Controller
This video explains how to initially connect to the Trimlight controller to adjust your permanent lighting system.

#2 - Changing Colors and Patterns
This video explains how to create custom patterns and sequences using millions of color and movement options.

#3 - Setting Timers and Calendar Events
This video shows how to use the Trimlight Select Plus app to set up daily timers or a 365-day event schedule.

#4 - Connecting to Local Wi-Fi
This video is about connecting a Trimlight Select PLUS system to a local Wi-Fi network with ease.

#5 - Troubleshooting on Trimlight Network
This video shows common troubleshooting steps to take for working with controllers that use the Trimlight signal to connect.

#6 - Troubleshooting the Controller
Diagnose and fix issues regarding the connection of the controller when it has been successfully paired to a home Wi-Fi network.

#7 - Connecting the Controller to a Local Network
This video shows two different ways to connect your Trimlight Select Plus system to your home wi-fi network.